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The way we work has changed dramatically, Hybrid Workspaces are becoming an understanding and are accelerating the digital transformation of companies and their employees.

The way of working has become a combination of working from your Home and Corporate workspace, as well as using your Mobile Office
while being on the go.

In this fast-changing world we will need the right tools to enjoy our workspace.

Be productive
anyplace anytime anywhere with anyone

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Why TD SYNNEX for a Modern Workspace?

The world of work has changed. Workers expect more flexibility and mobility in their work than ever before. This means businesses need to adapt and accommodate to retain the best talent.

Our Modern Workspace Hub is designed to help you enhance your workspace solutions offering, and ensure your customers can reap the benefits. We’ll help you take advantage of opportunities to grow and earn new revenues.


Drive Growth

Increase Profit

Reduce Cost

  • Optimize the workspace
  • Enable mobile working
  • Improve corporate well-being
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Reduced CO2 footprint

Customer Satisfaction

  • Clear workspace portfolio
  • Improve productivity through solutions
  • Personalized and bundle proposition
  • Widest range of products and solutions
  • Meet any customer preference or requirement


5 Technology groups



Devices to connect to the workspace, both wired and wireless.
Some examples: wired and wireless Networking, Docking Stations



Devices with processing power, to enable your daily tasks.
Some examples: Portables, Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones

keyboard and mouse


Devices with a direct connection to a computing device that
deliver a more productive way of working.

Some examples: Monitors, Headsets, Webcams, Keyboards & Mice, Printers



Products to complete the personalization of the workspace and
offer convenience and raise productivity.
Some examples: Mounts/Brackets, Privacy Filters, Cases/Bags

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Cyber criminality is undermining your customers’ business. We can help you find the correct answers to the many security challenges out there.

Discover Our Portfolio

Our Workspace offering spreads over 4 portfolios

To enable these portfolios into your own and provide in a scalable factor, we have an immense Services offering at your disposal.
Those can speed up your time to market and increase the time to spend with your customers and provide solutions to their challenges.

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