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Why Smart Learning?

A new way to think about learning environments.

Smart Learning extends the conversation with education providers from ensuring every teacher and student has a screen and computer, to equipping them with collaborative tools and platforms that enable learning from everywhere, while also deepening the learning experience.

Ready the minds of tomorrow for an engaging and inclusive experience, through a connected education space and blended learning approach.

Engage, Connect, Inform

Transforming educational experiences through technology.

96% of teachers believe technology has had a positive impact on the way children participate in class. The concept of a blended learning environment, alongside the right AV solution, will allow both the classroom and its occupants to be connected, interact and learn like never before.

Our leading range of digital signage brands is supported by the latest solutions from our partners in TD SYNNEX, helping our integrators lead the way in connectivity, IoT, and security.

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Are you paying attention at the back? Harness the potential of the platform to provide captivating learning experiences.

The versatility of Smart Learning technology enables collaboration and interaction in all lesson types, bringing digital tools to life.
High-resolution cameras, mics, and displays elevate all participants’ presence, creating engaging lessons.


In-person or from a remote location, smart learning solutions support the connection within and between teachers and students.

The rise of remote learning has advanced the technology now available to connect teachers and students in the classroom and working from remote locations. Platforms are enabled in the learning environment through the best brands in the market.

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Keep students up to date and communicate critical and timely messages through the latest digital signage innovations.

Smart Learning environments feature
cutting-edge digital signage and connectivity. Maverick AV Solutions can help create a network that can transform in-class displays into an information network, create centerpiece technology environments, or enhance learning through immersive technology.

The Market Opportunity

There is a continuing demand for improved technology throughout the education sector. Leading tech companies have been working with schools and colleges to cut the teachers’ workload, support professional development and improve student outcomes.

Lower cost video conferencing platforms and better connectivity has provided more opportunity for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, Webex, and Google Classroom to be deployed.

Smart Learning is about using technology to deliver captivating learning experiences. Its versatility as an opportunity comes through its ability to be applied to all lesson types and educational setups.

Unquestionably, with the right equipment and with new technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, learning can be more interactive and interesting for students young and old. Technology can personalize the pace of learning and better prepare students for the modern workplace.

Creating Smart Learning environments
Whether your customers’ clients are using Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google, or any other teaching platform, TD SYNNEX works with the leading brands to bring effective audio-visual solutions to the classroom.

  • blended learning environments
  • using the right AV solutions
  • keep classrooms and occupants connected & interacting
  • wherever the physical location
  • enable students and teachers
  • to discuss, share, and collaborate in realtime
  • transform in-class displays into an information network
  • create centerpiece technology environments
  • enhance learning through immersive technology

Benefits for Smart Learning

TD SYNNEX is your perfect partner when it comes to helping our resellers take advantage of opportunities in the education sector and specifically the requirement for a connected classroom.

There is a clear need for technology that can enhance learning and drive efficiency, and we have the experts on hand to support resellers as well as a portfolio of products and services that can provide solutions for all types of educational establishments. These include interactive display solutions, video conferencing solutions, notebooks, and tablets recommended for use in the classroom.

To help schools and universities to manage their budgets and enable their spending to go further, we also offer our resellers and their customers Financial and Lifecycle Services.

Find out what makes a truly connected classroom with Maverick AV Solutions

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A huge range of professional display brands with sizes ranging from 10” to 98” with
world-class networkability and picture quality.

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A range of high-quality interactive displays featuring the best brands to energize the learning environment.


Interactive and professional projection technology from the world’s leading brands that create in-classroom engagement on a large scale.

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World-class connectivity solutions from leading vendors with robust solutions for all types of installation. Complex cabling and connectivity for BYOD lectures and the latest VC meet solutions for the classroom.

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Media Players

Content management for all types of classroom environments accompanied by control and management platforms to manage all your devices.

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Mounts and Brackets

All the accessories you need, including brackets and mounts for permanent and flexible installation. Mobile mounting options for flexible and multi-purpose usage.

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Complete your Smart Learning solution with Audio from leading vendors.

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Platforms & software

Empower teachers and students with software enabling screen sharing, content management, collaboration, and video calling.

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A large range of cameras for videoconferencing, screen sharing and presenting. From small and personal devices to large-scale pan-tilt-zoom solutions. Enabling a crisp and clear images at every turn.

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Mobile Computing

A large range of portable computing devices from leading vendors. For every type of worker, we have a fitting device: Notebooks, Ultrabook & UltraPortable, Hybrid Portables, Notebook Workstations

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Content cameras designed for practical lessons, enabling the relay of complex live demonstrations on your selected large format displays.

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Smart Learning

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