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Why Smart Office?

A new way to think about the office set-up.

Smart Office offers a clear view of a range of products for the personal workspace and provides solutions for challenges that companies and their employees are experiencing facing.

To keep companies and their employees agile the workforce will need modern tools and products to assist them in staying productive and connected without being tied to a single desk.

Take a look at what it means to have a truly mobile workforce and the enormous benefits it can have for the business.

The world of work has changed.

There are now five generations of employees in the workplace. Millennials, in particular, make up a substantial proportion of employees and more importantly are the first digital natives. Their expectations of what a workplace should and could look like, are often very different from the generations that came before.

While employees used to have to adapt to their workplace, companies today are challenged to adapt to the needs of their employees and to provide mobility and flexibility.

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Zero-touch Deployment

Smart Office Benefits

TD SYNNEX offers you a clear view of the Office portfolio, however, the user would like to use this workspace.

Working from an office wherever you are has become a more personal experience, due to fast-moving technology innovations the portfolio and choices are huge. Through a simplified view of what products can be used for what type of Office space, you can navigate the catalog and make your selection.

Keeping you and your customers’ business agile by providing the workforce with up-to-date computing devices is key to staying ahead. TD SYNNEX can assist you by easily deploying and updating computing devices in the Office space by
using Zero-Touch deployment.

Alongside TD SYNNEX’s 360° Services approach, we can help you from warehouse to end-user.

Whether you are looking for a Home, Hybrid, or Mobile Office,
TD SYNNEX has the solutions you and your customers need.

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We offer a large range of portable computing devices from leading vendors. For every type of worker we have a fitting device : Notebooks, Ultrabook & UltraPortable, Hybrid Portables, Notebook Workstations.

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Looking for a fixed workplace and computing power, choose form a variety of desktops.
From All In Ones, Desktops, Barebones, Thin Clients, and Workstations.

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High resolution, Ultra Wide, integrated docking, height adjustable, etc. you name it we can help you find the perfect monitor for every work challenge.

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Printers AIO

In the digital age depending on your type of work a printed document is sometimes needed, or even the other way around. Therefore TD SYNNEX partnered up with world class vendors and provides a large range in All In One Printers, choose from inkjet for smaller tasks to laser for the volumes.

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Docking stations

Enabling a workforce with a universal and multi-device connectivity solution benefits all employees, and raises productivity. USB-C, Power Delivery, and network connection simplify the Hybrid Workspace.

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When collaborating from your Home Office to having a call in the Corporate Office, hearing and being heard without background noise from both sides is key.
TD SYNNEX has a wide range of headsets with noise-cancellation for both the speaker as the microphone, wired and wireless.

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A range of webcams and videoconferencing cameras to experience the best possible image quality for your video calls.

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Switches, routers, and wireless access points are the essential networking basics, they provide an easy connection to the workspace, wired or wireless.

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Mounts and Brackets

Brackets and mounts for permanent and flexible installation.

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Compact, Design, Ergonomic, Multi-Device, your Keyboard is your personal extension to your workspace. Wade through our portfolio and discover the matching solution for your persona.

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Compact, Design, Ergonomic, Multi-Device, your Mice is your personal extension to your workspace. Wade through our portfolio and discover the matching solution for your persona.

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From connection cables to privacy filters to cases and bags, these products bring convenience to the workspace. This portfolio offers the very best accessories to keep your customers’ Smart Office solutions running to the highest of standards.


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Security is a necessity for every workspace! 

Ever wonder how mature your security offering is? Fill in the Check Point 5-minute security assessment and find out right away. 

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Home Office

Hybrid Office

Mobile Office

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