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Why Smart Signage?

A new way to think about digital signage.

With Smart Signage, your customers can go beyond simple information giving. Instead, they’re able to use Digital Signage as an active element within their environments. Smart Signage is about real-time, two-way data; it’s a vehicle for more compelling interactions between businesses and their clientele. Whatever your current Signage capabilities, our Smart Signage Specialists are here to help you create the perfect fit for your customers and their challenges.

Inform, Interact, Inspire

Smart Signage enables effective communication in every environment.

Across retail, corporate communications, public environments, or leisure applications, smart signage can come in all shapes and sizes. Supported by the latest advancements in screen and connectivity technology smart signage from Maverick AV Solutions will inform, interact, inspire.

Our leading range of digital signage brands is supported by the latest solutions from our partners in TD SYNNEX, helping our integrators lead the way in connectivity, IoT, and security.

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Providing real-time information has never been more critical and smart signage is the most engaging way to get your message across.

You want to :

  • place and inform
  • bring value to audiences
  • manage occupancy instore
  • keep consumers alert in a space
  • help navigate environments
  • be connected with CMS systems
  • go onward to IoT sensors
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Wayfinding, digital mannequins, kiosks. Experiential digital signage gives the perfect solution for engaging audiences and creating two-way communication.

You want to :

  • use big data
  • create more meaningful and interactive experiences
  • use touchscreens
  • use CMS which enable APIs
  • integrate social media
  • create immersive environments
  • be futureproof digital signage
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Landmark digital signage installations can act as artwork, brand statements and create engaging public spaces.

You want to :

  • offer eye-catchers
  • create fully immersive experiences
  • be big, bigger, biggest
  • be exclusive
  • name LED, video walls, Outdoor
  • create fully connected and IoT driven smart digital estates

The Market Opportunity

Smart Signage is a broad term, with a wider range of opportunities falling within its scope than you may realize.

  • realtime safety information
  • largescale broadcasting
  • interactive services
  • quicker, cheaper updates
  • alternate traffic routing in an instant
  • up-to-date messaging
  • office density and hotdesking status
  • enhanced customer servicing

Smart Signage holds virtually unlimited potential in its number of addressable sectors. Some of the largest include :

  • corporate office
  • industry
  • hospitality
  • retail
  • public Sector
  • education

Why Maverick AV Solutions for Smart Signage?

Utilize Maverick AV Solutions’ deep experience and expertise in Smart Signage to create unique, effective solutions for your customers, while taking advantage of the global scale, logistics, financial services, technical training, certification, and enablement programs offered through TD SYNNEX.

Partnering with Maverick AV Solutions is the simplest way to elevate and differentiate your Smart Signage portfolio.

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Signage Displays

A huge range of professional display brands with sizes ranging from 10” to 98” with world-class networkability and picture quality.

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Interactive Displays

A range of high-quality interactive displays for smart signage, kiosks, wayfinding, and audience participation applications.

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Videowall Displays

A specific range of professional displays, from world-leading brands to offer an immersive signage experience with multiple displays connected as one canvas.
Inform while creating eye-catching experiences.

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Pixel perfect LED displays from Maverick AV Solutions’ vendors provide exceptional high resolution for Smart Signage applications.

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Media Players

Content management for all types of digital signage networks, including video wall content management and networkable players for complex estates.

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Mounts and Brackets

All the accessories you need including brackets and mounts for permanent and flexible installation. Mobile mounting options for flexible signage applications.

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World-class connectivity solutions from leading vendors with robust solutions for all types of installation. Cabling and wireless connectivity technologies, linking together IoT and big data solutions to create smart environments.

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Room Booking

A portfolio of products that can help you in finding solutions from a digital reception to a room and desk booking system at your offices.

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Signage Software (CMS)

Software that offers a platform from where you can easily create and manage all Signage content per display or groups of displays. It offers automation and possibilities to show more dynamic content on the moments that count.

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